Friday, June 20, 2014

Sisygambis...or not

We got up to go see the Sisygambis exhibition, catch the Princess Salme exhibition, then sit in on a guest lecture about the ZanzibarRevolution. We ran late dealing with a programmatic issue, then got to the Old Customs House and found the exhibit closed. Whoever was supposed to run it that day hadn’t turned up, and no one could say when or if she would arrive. I did run into Jude, a lovely British expat who's the Education coordinator for the DCMA. We had no time for Salome and lunch, so we opted for lunch. We met the Wisconsin program at their hotel and walked over to SUZA’s Foreign Language Institute. After some technical glitches, the lecture started.

I’m not an expert on Zanzibar and Tanzanian history, but I’m fairly good at spotting bias. The lecturer focused on certain issues to the exclusion of others. I’ll find another guest lecturer for next year. After the lecture, we sat with Wisconsin for dinner at Livingstone’s, then came home and watched the stars twinkle.

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