Friday, August 30, 2013

Tuscaloosa Writes This
(480pgs, Slash Pine Press 2013)
Tuscaloosa: Black Warrior River. Appalachian fall line. Tornado town. Title town. Go to Dreamland. Go to Nick’s in the Sticks. Think how the magnolia blooms look like salad plates. The state capitol was here and left. Amtrak stops twice a day. Coal barges. Shredded steel. Druid City. Tailgate City. The Drish house, the cactus house, the stadium. Go to the Waysider. The deep southness of the south. Think how that matters.
Words scattered everywhere. On the campus, in bars, along the trails in Sokol Park, under the train trestle, on the pavement downtown. Alabama is in love with language, murders it, coddles it, tests it. Go to the Moon Winx Motel, see what’s been left behind: words, always words.
Announcing TUSCALOOSA WRITES THIS, an anthology of work by students and faculty of the University of Alabama. Work by Robin Behn, Joel Brouwer, Brooke Champagne, Nik DeDominic, Carlos Estrada, Andrew Farkas, Tessa Fontaine, Norman Golar, Brock Guthrie, Jenny Gropp Hess, B.J. Hollars, MC Hyland, Andy Johnson, Natalie Latta, Hank Lazer, Michael Martone, Jason McCall, Ashley McWaters, Michael Mejia, Chris Mink, CD Mitchell, Amy Monticello, Brian Morrison, Brian Oliu, Daniela Olszewska, Colin Rafferty, Wendy Rawlings, Jessica Richardson, Jennifer Gandel Ridgeway, Laurence Ross, Sara Jane Seaton, Abraham Smith, Lucas Southworth, Shea Stripling, Jeanie Thompson, Danie Vollenweider, Elizabeth Wade, Kellie Wells, Lytonya Wename, Parker White, Patti White, Colin Whitworth, P.J. Williams, and Joseph Wood.
This anthology also contains craft essays from each of the authors, as well as writing prompts that correspond to the submitted work.
Shipping in September.

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