Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spent last night packing for the weekend and putting together my IWP (Individual Work Plan). We have to do these for the grant, so the funder can measure what we plan to do against what we accomplish. Again, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.
Assist in the design of the Cuttington University Major in English.
Design and teach remedial and introductory courses in English Composition.
Design intermediate and advanced courses in English Composition.
Design introductory and intermediate courses in African Literature, Liberian literature, and African-American Literature.
Co-Direct (with Jerry Mwabe) the Cuttington English Language Lab.
Identify up to 20 former child soldiers, currently homeless, for enrollment in ALP at We Care.
Edit and distribute new anthology of Liberian literature (with Michael Weah and the Liberian Association of Writers).
Develop capacity-building workshops in library sciences.
Coordinate distribution of donated textbooks from Books for Africa.
Establish the Bong County Teacher’s Resource Center (with Maryella Matthews).
I also need to you know, do that writing thing. In my spare time. Ha. Actually, I’ve scheduled regular writing and exercise time. I need to finish my thesis, start the new book, and turn in articles for The New Democrat. I’m asking for a desk from CU. I have no office, so I must get a desk. And a bookshelf.
This is do-able. I worked with curriculum committees at Texas. I outlined most of the composition syllabi back in Alabama. CU classes start in February. The Lit classes will take more time, but I have time. The Language Lab is just past the idea phase and into planning. Also, Jerry Mwabe is English faculty. We’ll get a lot done together. The kids come to me in the streets – I don’t have to work to find them. We Care has already solicited writers for the Anthology. Editing is no small task, but I’ll have plenty of help. After that, it gets harder.
Saturday or Monday, I’ll contact the librarian at the US Embassy Library. Hopefully she’ll be interested and available to conduct library science workshops. The Peace Corps also recruited a professional librarian and I have her number. The TRC needs a building. Every spare room at CU is in use. "Unused room" usually means "roof stolen during the war". I’ll see if they have a building survey. The new English department, the Lab, and the TRC all need a home. Perhaps we can rehab a building.
This book distribution is going to eat my lunch. Seriously.

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