Friday, December 11, 2009

Foundation For Women

Worldgroove and I filmed a fundraising event for the Foundation for Women, a microlending institution. FFW operates all over Liberia, but home base is Monrovia. We caught a 5 am bus from Cuttington and arrived around 9:30. Considering the roads, that was excellent time. I’m still not used to having electricity only part of the day - I dressed by flashlight. We don't have much equipment - just my digital camera (which also shoots video) and her old camcorder. Pro: light, compact, and durable. Con: bad sound, limited lens control.

At 10, our driver drove us out to the FFW Liberia offices, then on to the event. Hundreds of Liberian businesswomen gathered together to celebrate each other, raise money, and dance. Passing schoolkids gawked at the door.

The speeches were (mercifully) short, given the conditions – the room was stifling hot. In some cultures, people drink hot tea to deal with the heat. The tea makes you sweat and raises your internal temperature, making the surrounding air seem cool. Liberians dance instead, to pounding Afropop. After the event, worldgroove caught the bus back to Cuttington. I had a greek salad for dinner and fell asleep by 9:00 pm.

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