Thursday, August 6, 2015

Introduction to Wince

In March of 2012, I wrote "Wince" as an relief valve. After Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, and the media began slandering that boy, I was furious. Irate. And then a friend asked what I wanted to see come out of this tragedy and that started the essay.

But I realize that there are more, so many more victims of police brutality and lynch mob mentality. Nearly 4000 black men, women, and children were lynched between 1877 and 1960 (according to the Equal Justice Initiative). So many killed and brutalized by America's obsession with destroyign the black body.

Slavery was a crime, and the black body is evidence. Those who cannot face their collective guilt and shame instead seek to hide the evidence - us - under allegations of drugs, poverty, violence, and death.

...and Terrence Williams, Felipe Santos, 

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