Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andy's Index

Liberia Edition

Number of boxes shipped by Books for Africa: 593
Number of boxes received by IFESH Liberia: 585
Estimated number of learners who will go without a textbook due to theft: 800*
Load limit of the Cuttington University farm truck, in tons: 4
Total textbook distribution to Cuttington University, in tons: 5
Exchange rate: 1 USD=71.5LD
Longest number of days Ulitave has gone without running water: 17
Price of eggs: 350LD/30 eggs
Price of a loaf of bread: 30LD
Price of Corn Flakes: $10.95 USD
Price of Hagen Daas ice cream, per pint: $16 USD
Average monthly wage: $80 USD
Number of ATM machines now in Liberia: 10
Number of ATM machines now operational in Liberia: 7
Number of operational ATM machines located in Monrovia: 7
Number of paved roads in Lofa County: 0
Amount of oil produced by palm tree if left untended, in tons: 2
Amount produced if tended, in tons: 4
Acres of palm left unharvested by CU: 1000
Hours spent online by Ulitave in the States, per day: 6
Hours spent online by Ulitave in Liberia, per day: 0.25

*Most of the stolen books were educational theory textbooks. It's hard to calculate the number of children who would have benefited from 800 trained teachers. The math isn't hard: thinking about it is. Stay positive, right?

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