Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Leaky faucet

I moved into a lovely old building just off campus in mid-September. The kitchen faucet leaked. I told the maintenance man that it leaked.

They came to fix my faucet on Monday. Monday as in February of the following year. But fine, they came. They couldn't find the part my faucet needed, so they decided to replace the entire faucet. But I had no cut-off valves under the sink. I reminded them that I reported the lack of cut-off valves in, I don't know, September. So they  - the maintenance man, his uncle, the assistant maintenance man, and the industrial plumber who helps out - cut off the main water supply. While the uncle installed cut-off valves, the maintenance man returned to Loew's to find a replacement faucet. He returned and discovered the replacement didn't fit. He made another trip to Loew's and found that no modern faucet will fit my elderly sink. Solution? Replace the old sink with a modern, faucet-fitting version, and replace the cabinet under the sink when the stress of removing the sink shatters it.

I may have pizza tonight.


  1. Not only did they take a very long time to fix your leaky faucet, it was also as if they were fumbling about the whole thing. In the end, I guess what matters is that they fixed it. How “old” exactly was your faucet? If it was something around “ancient-old”, then I guess it would’ve really needed to be replaced with a new one eventually. Better now than later, eh?

    Darryl Iorio

  2. Now that it's replaced with a newer design, fixing it wouldn't be as hard as it was during your first experience. It must have been a high quality old faucet huh? It seemed to last very long because it has already phased out. I hope that the replacement’s quality is the same or hopefully, better. :)

    Carmella Vancil

  3. Obviously, there’s poor management in the building where you’re staying. Plumbing problems like this shouldn’t be ignored, and must be addressed right away. If they let it pass for a longer period, there’s no doubt in my mind that there would have been a bigger problem with the leakage.

    Althea Tumlin